A dance film choreographed and performed by artist-dancer-maskmaker Tigre Bailando and produced by Bad Unkl Sista. Music track: Fragile Flesh (Zenotope mix), based on composition by Goyo Aranaga for the soundtrack “First Breath – Last Breath”.

(Posted December 2015)

Homage to Q” @1015 Folsom

Bad Unkl Sista live performance at Homage to Q, produced by Symbiosis Events. Music by Goyo Aranaga (Bad Unkl Sista), Sonja Drakulich (Stellamara), and Morgan Sorne (SORNE).

(Posted June 2014)

The Space Between: The Making of “First Breath – Last Breath”

In April 2012, Bad Unkl Sista staged a bold opera-scale production titled ‘First Breath – Last Breath’. This documentary, ‘The Space Between’, chronicles the creation of this piece, from concepting and choreography through rehearsals and production.

The film also provides insights into the creative philosophy, intentions and performance aesthetic of Bad Unkl Sista’s founder and artistic director, Anastazia Louise, music director Goyo Aranaga, and a cast of extremely dedicated and talented dancers, musicians and collaborators.

(Posted December 2012)

Twilight Voyage of the Ark of Ozan-Ra

(Burning Man 2013) A celebration inspired by the Operas of old and ancient Egyptian rites. Moving from Sun Fire through Dark Waters, the event transforms loss and disruption into joy and growth, helping Pepe Ozan and other recently departed join the grateful dead who pull the barque of the sun god through eternity.

(Posted November 2013)

Symbiosis 2013 – with SORNE

Bad Unkl Sista performing with Morgan Sorne (SORNE) at Satya Yuga stage, Symbiosis 2013.

(Posted October 2013)

Tiger Lillies (featuring Bad Unkl Sista)

“Rime of the Ancient Mariner”, Music by The Tiger Lillies
Director and Animation: Mark Holthusen
Costume Design: Anastazia Louse/Bad Unkl Sista
Character Design and Performance: Bad Unkl Sista

(Posted July 2013)

First Breath – Last Breath (teaser)

Teaser trailer for Bad Unkl Sista’s 2012 production of “First Breath – Last Breath”, an opera-scale presentation featuring design, choreography, costuming and original music by Bad Unkl Sista.

(Posted October 2012)

Fragile Flesh – Fjögur píanó

Official entry for the Valtari Mystery Film Competition by Sigur Rós.

Flesh revealing itself in many forms, an internal excavation and external exploration of being. The fragility of this flesh, the strength of the human spirit, and the balance of the two that creates moments of experiencing the impossible.

(Posted September 2012)

Spider Ball – 2011

Bad Unkl Sista performing at Spider Ball 2011. October 29, 2011 at The Bently Reserve, San Francisco. Music by Goyopod (Sutoor – Cumulus remix).

(Posted February 2012)