Stillness Studies

Bad Unkl Sista training.

Stillness Studies

Summer 2017 Intensive

48 hours
Movement explorations
Communal integrations


48-hour residential intensive
Friday, July 28 6:00PM – Sunday, July 30 6:00PM
$250/person (room + board included)
Intensive limited to 30 participants

*** Early registration discount ($200/person) extended through July 7! ***

Tickets at – or contact us for alternate payment arrangements

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Using practiced skills as our tools, Bad Unkl Sista “Studies in Stillness” training draws from the threads of accumulated life experience to bring to the surface valuable core movement and emotional content. Our goal to reach into the depths of our life experience and to find shining threads that connect ourselves to the world we live in. With these threads, we seek to excavate and discover new experiences of communicating that do not rely on words but rather on a more primal and instinctive form of understanding.

Our stillpoint movement approach focuses on creative, proactive human development within our present-day social context. There will be a continual focus on the pathways of transcribing and uniting outer and inner landscapes into physical expression.

All are welcome, regardless of experience.