The Solacii: Burning Man 2017

Cross the threshold.


August 27 – September 4, 2017


Black Rock Desert, Nevada, USA





The Solacii, debuting at Burning Man 2017, is a new interactive art piece that combines elements of reverent sculpture, sacred space, and responsive design.

Deep in the dusty desert, a solemn figure rises out of the ground

Dressed in a cloak of many memories, it’s glowing faces and hands beckon you forth

Approaching this mysterious being, you are invited to enter the sanctuary of its body

Cross the threshold

Be soothed by the ambient textures of deep pulse and ancient breath

A soundscape created from the stories others have left behind

Share your story, and your voice becomes that breath and that pulse

Spend time in solitude or in deep conversation

Meditate. Sing. Cry. Pray.

This is your refuge