Symbiosis 2013

A gathering of transformation.

Symbiosis 2013


September 19-23, 2013


Woodward Reservoir, California

Performance with SORNE at Satya Yuga Stage




“Ceremony is a gift. It opens, it closes, it sustains, it greets, it lays to rest. Ceremony opens our eyes to the world which we see every day and reminds us of the world which we may not remember. Ceremony need not be solemn, nor sad, nor jovial, nor full of foof, but ceremony must be respected. Our ancestors who walked the earth long before us used ceremony to remind them of the past, which bound them to the present and set the stage for our future. We hold ceremony dear to our heart and we hope that you will join us in celebration and appreciation of this great communal gift.”

Bad Unkl Sista offered processions, classes, and performances at this year’s Gathering, a synaesthesia of art, music, transformational learning, and sustainable living integrated into an extravaganza of community experience.