SHE: Oregon Eclipse 2017

A celebration of the gender spectrum.


August 17-23, 2017


Big Summit Prairie, Oregon, USA

Set Details

‘SHE’ – Saturday night, midnight through sunrise, at the Fringe Stage

Processions and roaming throughout the festival



There is nothing like the spectacular phenomena of a Total Solar Eclipse. One part beautiful, one part mystical, and one part mathematical, a Total Solar Eclipse is an experience that inspires the mind, body, and spirit and demonstrates the elegant nature of our cosmos. This gathering is a collaboration of 10+ major festivals including Symbiosis, Lighting in a Bottle, Envision, and Re:Birth. The goal is to create a new collaborative environment transcending nation, language, and creed. In a fragmented world, creating opportunities for the gathering of community is the most noble task we can think of and we do so with the intention to create new relationships and partnerships, visions and ideas that we could not have come up with our own.

This experience will see a coming together of peoples that will happen one time only in alignment with one of the most spectacular phenomena one can ever witness.

Bad Unkl Sista presents ‘SHE’ at the Oregon Eclipse, a midnight-to-sunrise set in celebration of the gender spectrum, and how we choose to embody and express ourselves. An exploration of the fluidity of persona, and how it feels when we choose to live in greater authenticity. We honor all those in our community and the world who are taking courageous steps towards expressing the greater truths of their beings.