Supperclub San Francisco

Something that burns on your retina.

Supperclub San Francisco


Supperclub San Francisco
657 Harrison Street



“Supperclub is an experimental creative platform”, says Supperclub creative performances-director Zjef van Besouw. “It all just happens. Every evening, every performance must be different. How? That’s up to supperclub’s performers, staff-members and DJ’s, who have to create ‘something that burns on your retina’.

“The experience includes singers, performance artists, musicians, DJs…and you. Yes, you are a part of the evening too; simply lying down on the white bed and waiting ’til the show starts is not enough. Supperclub isn’t a theatre or concert stage, it’s more—join in, go wild and enjoy the experience!”

At Supperclub, Anastazia Louise and other Bad Unkl Sista company artists offer spotlight performances as well as intimate roaming and audience interaction throughout the evening.